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How can we fix all of this

While we are seeing progress in a lot of areas we are also experiencing a lot of turmoil. Social issues are something I have obviously dedicated a fair amount of time to and after thinking about how we can fix our broken world for a long time, the answer became very clear and simple. The line can be drawn at human respect. We seem to have lost that answer somewhere down the road. Human respect seems easy. Maybe universal. Obvious, even. But in reality it is something we must constantly challenge ourselves to do if we want to actually achieve it. Human respect is equality, kindness, justice, caring for the common good. It is striving to be better and hold yourself accountable. It seems simple, but frankly when we're honest with ourselves we realize it is seldom achieved. Do you treat the people around you with human respect; in other words, treat them fairly and kindly with dignity? Because it all comes down to that. So, I will ask you, and I, to challenge ourselves with that question everyday. Because when we start there, we are done.


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