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is a multimedia collective striving to tell stories and break boundaries. BRYYZ was not only made to encourage and create art, but also to spread a message. A message of understanding, empathy, and change. Which is why 20% of our profits go to the chosen charity organization of that month. Be the voice, share your story, and be a part of something bigger. Check out our DO GOOD page to see what you can do right now to help the world around you and find out where your contributions are going today!

BRYYZ also offers a media marketing and managing service to businesses. Some past customers being,, and . We believe in showing the heart of companies that are supporting social and environmental change and meeting all of your customers needs. 

The name BRYYZ was inspired by our company's home base: Toronto, which has YYZ as it's airport code. This was combined with the name of our founder, Brielle Robillard. BRYYZ is pronounced 'breeze' and 'brie's'. We wanted our name to represent something global and international because our mission has been inspired by causes around the world. We also wanted to incorporate something personal because so many aspects of where we are from and who we are have shaped the foundations of this company. 

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