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I can’t believe someone lived in the space that was my home before me

I can’t believe someone else will live there after it’s demolished

With all of the pieces

I left

They won’t even know

How important

And beautiful

They look

When you put them together

So much joy lives inside her

But so much pain too

I read her like a book

A book I know by heart.

I spent the whole day in my head

(Based on Mac Miller's Good News)


I spent the whole day in my head

I’m always too busy

Everybody needs me to stay


I hate the cards in my hand

Can I get out of my goddamn way

What is

A better time

To say sorry


That’s all they wanna hear

When I’m down

What’s worse


So tired of something beautiful

Go set it on fire

I just love the way

The sky’s still blue


They don’t talk about a closed door

So, what’s waiting on the other side

Maybe I’m too late

Some other time

Il’l finally discover

That there’s a whole lot waiting

I know

Where This Flower Blooms


This is not my life

It’s just a fond farewell to a friend

This is not what I am like

It’s just a fond farewell to a friend


Pressure makes me lash back

I wish I could get past that

I can't take a step back


I don't want to waste anymore time

I'm ready to go

I live my life on standby

I can leave you alone


New times await

They call my name

Goodbye old friend


We are one and the same

Past Lives


Some art feels like a memory;


I was there when they put him behind bars

I saw his wife fall into her own arms

When she couldn’t find anyone

To collapse into anymore


I saw the shot gun on the floor

Yelling please don’t do it

She ran home

And came right to us


I learned piano

And escaped sadness

Just in the brink of time.


Will my life ever belong to me

When will I be able to call

A collection of stories

My home

Aristotle Laughed

And he proclaimed something great beyond their comprehension 

Because ignorance is the subject to a liar, 

A great, great Liar 



You need to let ideas breathe. 

Giving them space will let them grow 

So they fly outside of you when they are ready.


Sometimes I try to rush my creative process

Because my chest feels like its falling out of an airplane 

But then I land on the ground and do it again 

And again 

Until I have the timing right and I know when I get back up 

I will walk instead of tumble. 


Our greatest friends are the ones 

that make us 

Unable to control 

all of the laughter that 

lives inside ourselves


It Was an Accident


I think I fell in love with you by accident

I tripped over your words

And now I can’t get back up


I think I fell in love with you by accident

I looked at you too long

And saw you

I really saw you

I think you see me too


I think I fell in love with you by accident

I lost control of the wheel

I slid onto oncoming traffic


And burned


And now I am pretty sure

That I’m in love with you.



The Closed Door of Ideas


The blank page laughs at me.

It questions my thoughts,

Asks me if I even have them at all.


My pen knocks,

Why can’t I answer?

Drivers License


I always took issue with the phrase 

Ignorance is bliss 

Because the more beauty I discovered in the world, 

The more philosophy I read,

And the more I found,

The more I loved. 


When I was younger,

And I was in a car with someone,

I didn’t worry 

About anything. 

I stared out the window 

When the car swerved and honked 

And had this impenetrable feeling of safety. 


When I turned sixteen,

I learned how to drive. 

And now, while my parents turn the wheel, 

I check their blind spot.

When they speed up I think 

Slow down.

Slow down!

The highway is a battlefield

And I am a soldier waiting at the bottom of a tank. 


It was then I understood and thought,

“Wow, I wish I didn’t know 

So much.” 

Thank you - "the world would stop moving without black creativity"


I walk like I’m stumbling into a hip hop music video 

Sometimes my actions trip over my words 


I dress really cool

I used to watch Run DMC music videos when I was little 

And wanted to wear clothes the way they did 

Like they were heavy

But fit perfectly



I am ignorant 

Sometimes I prioritize what seems cool 

Over my heart

Preaching a message for women 

And idolizing rap stars 

Who hurt them


I learned how to fly 

When my headphones enter my ears 

On a long drive 

I forget my organs in my body 

And I run on the clouds


The first two songs on my iPod 

Were "South Bronx" by KRS-ONE

And "Untitled 03" by Kendrick Lamar

I memorized the entire "To Pimp a Butterfly" poem in one day 

And spent subway rides learning every word 

To "Love’s Gonna Getcha"


I grew up on black music 

My heroes looked like 

Childish Gambino 

And Tyler The Creator 


And later on

When I stared at my hypocrisy 

My heroes became Janelle Monae 

And Nina Simone


I learned 

I grew 

And these people were the predecessors 

To my artistic creations, intake,

and my opinions.

My pool diversified 

But they built it’s foundation 


A world I will never stop caring about 

Molded me and my choices, 

Showed me not to swing my voice like a hammer,

But to play it like a radio


Diverse creativity shaped me 


Music made me.

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 2.20.43 PM.png
Marble Surface


The pursuit of excellence is relentless and painful 

And I am slave to my progress



Why God?


She was leaning on church steps

When she found out

The only thing they left were the ceilings


That the finer things in life

Are the hideous inside


She thought it was a lie

She prayed they left her son alive

She thought it was a lie

Begging to go home

But home never arrived


She was talking to God

And God couldn’t say anything back

actual french roof.png
actual french roof 1.png



The sky never rested on Sunday

They said let there be oceans 

And there were oceans full of beauty

They said beauty, give us love 

and love was granted to all of life

Life sought the sky as a mother

And colour cast over them with the warmth of a son

With this 

Kindness grew from the ground 

And in ways we love our mother and father

Green reminded us to forever adore water and warmth

For the purpose and appearance of the ocean and sky has never been subjective

It is eternally beautiful and divine

As she is blue

And everything she touches 

turns blue



Homo sapiens have vices 

Some with being enraptured by others in cages of melancholy

And others with being unable to acclimatize to the oxygen they breathe

A tragic story is of these origins

One will feel the sun burn their skin

and the wind force their eyes shut


A human of aching pain pulling their love out of the ground

Putting shields on their eyes 

and a shirt on their sun killed back

Protect those drowning in dirt for a reason

Though they cannot be saved

For the thin line between being trapped in a room

And being the one knocking

Is so thin they are one and the same

As the sign on a shut door reads

“Please help me.”

While the sign on an open door reads

“I need help too.”

Time moves slowly


In the fastness of life 

Time moves slowly 

Time never waits

But it is steady and mindful


If time is steady 

And we, restless

Our perspective will dictate 

Our perception of time 


That is why we constantly find ourselves staring back at fleeting moments 


Because while we are frantic 

Time sits still.



The water is silent here


It frees itself of glances

And relaxed 

Washes itself over

Free in nature 

It dances 

And sways 

Tide to tide


The water is silent here

It whispers to tell us something

If only we were silent enough to hear.



I wonder if storms

Are mere shatters of a breaking world 

That refuses to break 


What if we too 

Refuse a storm 

But let it bang on our walls

Not to hear the lightning 

But to feel the rain 

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