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"willy nilly"

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Exhibit 1

"what memories feel like"

By Brielle Robillard

My sister just left for university. She moved across the ocean to live her dream and go on an adventure. To give some context, my sister and I have been best friends since the beginning of time. We did everything together. So as I was processing her being so far away, I realized that I needed to create something that captured time and the feelings of nostalgia to work through my feelings and give a proper goodbye to our old life. From the Toronto streets to the beach where my sister and I played chase the waves throughout our childhood, I tried to find the essence of looking back on life. Additionally, as many of you know, music is a huge part of my creative process and I chose Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' album because the entire album feels like a memory. If you have not listened to it yet, it is a masterpiece of music, so definitely check it out. The way his song 'White Ferrari' sounds is just a beautiful homage to a piece of Ocean's life and it was another big source of inspiration for this video. Thanks for checking this one out, much love. 

Exhibit 2


This is my launch video (with the audio)! To give a little background behind this idea, when I was in the process of making BRYYZ I was desperately trying to figure out what video would be best to launch with. I had a dream one night where I found myself in a black dress on a cliff surrounded by people with white suits, running past a boy and feeling some kind of sadness. After, I met the boy and we became really good friends, we discovered how to travel back in time (We had to jump off the cliff in a specific part of the water to do it). As we went on our adventure he got seriously injured and was dying. So I carried him to the portal and I wanted to travel back in time to save him and the image that struck me the most was me running by him crying because I was trying to save him and him not knowing who I was because it was before we met (the time that started my dream). It was all about our perception of time and love. What we would do for people we care about and how that connection goes passed time. He tried to ask me if I was okay and I just ran straight off the cliff because that was the only way to travel back. When I woke up I became obsessed with the imaging and idea of someone running away from the past and going into the future. The dream turned into my perception of freedom and "taking the leap". BRYYZ for me was really deciding to make that jump and create something that brings kindness and creativity into this world. So this dream became a video concept about taking risks, being independent, and being brave. Hope you all liked it, much love as always!

Exhibit 3


I lost this footage in the deep dark hole that is backing up video and saving storage, so the quality is lower than I would prefer but I thought it was an important video to put on this site. It was my way at the time of showcasing all of the inspiring young women around me and showing each of them in their element and realest form. Hope you enjoy, much love.

Exhibit 4


I am just really in love with this travel montage of my trip to Spain. If any of you want video content, BRYYZ was made to provide creative content for all of your adventures and projects. We have been providing a media managing and marketing service for over 3 years now. Hope you like this video showcase, much love. 

Exhibit 5

"Okra" and "Roof"

Here are two fun videos I made that were inspired by the artists who made the songs. 

Exhibit 6

"Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now"

While the pandemic continues on and lockdowns become increasingly more strict it is difficult to find solace in nature, something that I think is pretty essential in living a peaceful life. I made this video from clips I took from my trip to Hawaii right before the pandemic began. Hawaii always feels so calm and the beauty that surrounds you there is so humbling. I thought it would be nice to put a video together with Kid Cudi's voice because the tone he sings in is, similarly, quite meditative and relaxing. I hope this reminds people of the beauty we are lucky to have at our finger tips and makes everyone feel a little bit of peace. 

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